April 20, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 22

For the week of April 16 - 20.

Sushi rolls, carrots with ranch, and strawberry wheels.
I usually go by son's request on Mondays when I'm just clueless what to pack.  Then before I know it, his lunch is ready to pack. Once I dropped him off to school, I start brainstorming what to pack for the rest of the week.
My Earth Day Bento!
I am so proud to say that I participated on the hop for Earth Day that fellow Bento Bloggers and Friends initiated. It's my first ever and I had fun preparing this lunch as I thought back of the many ways I could give back to Mother Earth. Reduce waste by re-using and recycling food materials. Don't just dump it, work it out and give it another chance to be reused. If you haven't seen the hop yet, click HERE. And it will instruct you how to keep hopping till you get back to my post.  It will tell you more about this day's bento as well.
Onigiri, hotdogs, carrots, Nori, strwberries and kiwi
Have I told you that I'm in love of ONIGIRI? Wednesday I tried making ONIGIRI. I was successful forming them with my own hands, but decorating it is another story. I still have yet to learn a lot of tips and techniques to make the impossible possible. I was planning on making a sheep onigiri, but the hotdogs just won't hold. I decided to keep the onigiri, and chopped down the hotdogs into bite size. Perhaps a few cute food picks would be interesting to look at when I want it a bit decorated, while I'm working on my skills.
pizza, fish crackers, Clementines
I gave him some leftover cheese pizza from breakfast. This is one food item he can't resist.  It's processed I agree, but it's healthy in a way because of the cheese toppings and wheat crust. It would help fill up the calcium nutrient he needs.  I would like to call this my Orange Bento since the only prominent color you could see here is Orange. I would say, this is part of his Rainbow Meal.
sushi rolls, baby corns, pears, oreo
It's Friday and the week is over. I made another batch of sushi rolls as per request. Nothing makes him happier than the sushi.

I'm glad the week is over, and I'm off for a movie with friends tonight.  It's my first movie out ever with friends without kids since 8 years ago.  It would be our MOMs-Night-Out! We usually do Zumba on Fridays to de-stress and some chit-chats after.  But tonight it would be a little different. We agreed to see "The Lucky One" after we had read the book.  It's nice to compare and see a little twist on the movie. I hope it doesn't disappoint though.

But before anything else, we have to attend to our preschoolers' Open House this afternoon first and have fun on their carnival day as well. I hope it wouldn't be too exhausting though so as not to jinx our night out after.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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