April 4, 2012

Spring Break: Breakfast

I know I don't normally blog about our breakfasts, but I'm just so thrilled about what happened today.  My son who's not keen about eating eggs, finally asked for one when my daughter and I were talking the best-tasting ways to eat eggs.  He heard me talk about eggs are better with melted cheese and a turkey or ham on buns. It was purposely done to make him eat breakfast healthier.  And we're successful! Just imagine he would want to eat it again for lunch. No way! I told him I have better idea than that. We'll just reserve eggs for breakfast so he wouldn't get sick of eating it.

I almost forgot to photograph this. He actually had 2 bites of it on the other end of this picture.  I would have to turn it around and ask if I might capture it for my blog. Glad he agreed :)

How have you been eating breakfast on school breaks?
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