May 4, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 24

April 30 - May 4, 2012

I can't believe it's May already, which means just 4 more weeks of lunch packing for the kiddos. Woohoo!! I'm just ready to relax a bit and plan for our much-awaited summer.
I would absolutely miss my blog for a while but I'll try to post at least once in a while. Perhaps about the foods we ate for the entire summer vacation. 
Or it might be about my daughter's kitchen endeavor.
We'll see.

For now, I'd like to post about the lunches I've packed for the entire week.
My Lunchables Version Bento: Crackers, Honey Roasted Ham, 
Cheddar Cheese, Nori and Strawberries.
 Hotdogs and Brown Rice with Tangerine Oranges, Raspberries
carrots, and ketchup on smidgets.
 Honey Roasted Wheat Thins, Nachos with Cheese Dips, 
Strawberries and Grapes, Carrots.

Today is the last day for the State Tests. I wish everyone well and hopeful for a wonderful score.  My boy needs this score for the Gate Program in his school. He's a candidate, and really wants to get in for his 4th grade.
Best of luck to all!!
Chinese steamed sausages, 2/3 cup fried rice (1/3 cup each),
Nori sheets, carrots and edamame, half kiwi and ketchup on smidgets.

Please note that the kiwi's been sliced in half, lengthwise, to make it appear nice in picture. Besides I've packed quite hefty. Just anticipating for some boys who love a bite of his lunches at times. The other half were added in his smoothie for after school snack.
Hamburger on wheat thins with lettuce and pickles on the side,
semi-ripe green manggoes, trail mix of peanuts, raisins & m&m.
Ketchup on smidget.

For those with peanut-allergies, substitute the nuts on our trail mix with pretzel, crackers,  goldfish, or a cereal of your choice.

I'm trying to jazz up my boy's lunch a bit now in preparation for a nicer looking bentos next Fall and for the Bento supplies I have just purchased.  I wanted him to get used to food picks and skewers that were meant to be brought back home.  I started with shaped cheese and ham/turkey a while back, then muffin silicone cups as food dividers for more compartments.  Next time you'll be seeing more of the nice looking molded rice and faces on all of my lunchboxes.  The characters will come eventually when the creativity and imagination kick in.  But it wouldn't be a regular for sure.  Next Fall, I might be a working mom already.  So I still have to train myself to be up as early as 5am to get the ball rolling.  I mean I need to prepare breakfast, then the lunchboxes.  I'll be packing for 4 next time instead of just 2.

And today my Bento Bloggers & Friends are having a Star Wars Hop.  You might want to hop along as we all see what's in store in their lunches for this day. If you could click on the button below, that should bring you to the show.
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