May 15, 2012

Lunch & Snack: Feverish Little Sissy

My little girl is sick today and missed school. She's been complaining of right ear pain for a while. I was thinking of an ear infection, so we're seeing a doctor this afternoon.
Sad but she managed to fix her own lunch. Blame it all on the lunch picks. She was so excited to make use of our newest picks, and was encouraging me to get more animal sets, preferably those horses, zebras and ponies. Her first love :)

Her choice for lunch was gyoza and crackers, which she never finished. Well, she finished the crackers, and left the gyoza, which made it to my grumbling tummy.
For snack, I fixed her strawberry-kiwi jello, apple slices and chocolate rice krispies. And loads of cold water to keep the fever down.  I also offer a lot of popsicles to keep them hydrated and cool, especially when they don't feel like drinking. Jellos & yogurts are good when they're out of appetite.

We saw the doctor today and found out that she only has a cough with a fever. Her ears and throat are still okay, but advised us to return when fever and ear pain worsens, or she generally worsens. We're hoping she gets better though without the need for any antibiotics. She's not big on medicines. So it's never okay when there's frequent weather changes.  It will sure hit her.
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