May 17, 2012

Sandwich Onigiris

I have been inspired by bento tools & accessories lately that I decided to search for more ways to make my lunches look more appetizing and interesting.  Not that my children are not eating my lunches. I just felt the need to grow and be more creative for fun and healthy lunches.  

Recently I have stumbled upon Cute Food For Kids site over at Facebook and saw a very interesting sandwich balls that looked like the image below.
If you press on the image, it will bring you over to their tutorial site on how to make one.  It is easier done than said.  So I'll let her do the tutorial for you.

You might wanna check on Lunches with Love's cute version of her caterpillar sandwich balls, which pushed me to make one too for my little girl. She's been one of my few inspirations to create more cute lunches for my girl.

Little sissy truly appreciated her lunch today. I made 3, but only 1 made it to the picture. She devoured it in half the time. I stuffed it with Nutella Hazelnut Spread - her favorite! However, you can choose your own filling. The bread will hold well for almost anything. I decorated mine with punched out blueberry fruit leathers.  You can also use sprinkles or any shaped fruit/veggie, if your child might rather prefer them.  The option has endless possibilities.
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