May 18, 2012

Minnie Mouse

As some of you well know, my daughter, Sissy, is still homebound, mending an ear infection. But she has managed to pre-occupy herself with school works that we pick-up from preschool as we drop off big brother to school. Their schools are pretty close so it's easier to swing by anytime we need to.

Amidst her daily activities, she gets a peek on tv, as her only rest during the day, if she's not sleeping. Today she saw Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that inspired me to fix a mid-morning snack for her.  She doesn't have her usual appetite. So I give in to anything she requests for. As long as she eats.

I don't have any special tool on hand. I just made use of scissors and PB lid to make it happen. And of course a picture to add inspiration.
But I don't keep any food coloring at home as I'm not a fan of it. I believe it could hurt the health in some ways. That's when PRETENDS get into the picture. And my children bought it in some ways.

I pressed the PB lid onto each of the 2 loaves of bread till it creases slightly. I cut, following the crease till just about midway to form the ears. I filled it with Peanut Butter, and continued spreading Nutella Hazelnut Spread onto the ears (top-half of sandwich), that went a little further down to form the cheeks. The rest were drawn with a toothpick and a melted chocolate. I found out that you can make use of Chocolate syrup as well, whichever one you have in hand. 
And this is how she ate it till it's all gone. I'm always happy whenever I put a smile on my children's faces. It makes me feel accomplished as a mom.

I hope I have made you smile as well. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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