May 9, 2012

Sushi Love Bento

Wednesday would be Sushi day for us.
It was like any ordinary days except that there's something special about this lunch.
I added some love by giving it a little character.

I know I don't normally blog about my lunches on a daily basis.  But I thought of doing it once in a while since my little girl is up to having similar lunches with his brother lately.
Guess it's time to prepare her for bento-style lunches.

This is what my daughter had after my morning sessions of Yoga. I pulled out our Snoopy tray plate, and filled it with lunches similar to my boy's, except that she had raisins instead of cherry tomatoes. She isn't a fan of tomatoes.
My son had a spam sushi rolls made of brown rice, spam and shredded carrots. I added some more of roasted nori sheets on the center, strawberry hearts, green mango stars, and cherry tomatoes.
While I was preparing the school lunch this morning, my husband was watching me secretly. Perhaps he was wondering what was the shaped-cutters for? I know he didn't like the fruit scraps I was producing from the lunches. But before he could utter a word, I pulled out my blender cups, and tossed all the fruit scraps in.  Only then he turned his attention away from me. Then he came back after I photographed my prepped lunch, and smiled.  And that truly relieved me.

I usually turn any fruit scraps into fruit smoothies. We love smoothies at any time of the day.  And any blend of fruits makes a great tasting drink that truly refreshes you.

Lastly, I'd love to let you know that my man is never big on words, but on gestures.  You can actually read his mind. And I like that because at least I know most of his thoughts are honest & true.
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