May 8, 2012

Pre-K Lunch: PB and Nutella Swiper

Swiper the Sneaky Fox from Nick Jr's Dora the Explorer!

This morning I was inspired by a fellow bento blogger of her SunButter Swiper Sandwich. If you haven't seen it yet, please visit her blog to see the original. I showed it to my 5-year old daughter and she was so sold to it. She wanted one at that very moment. Too bad we're not neighbors with Keeley McGuire to get a live tutorial.

I thought of grabbing the small Dora containers that she got at Target just to complete the theme and the scene. As I was so ready to go out, she handed me her Dora the Explorer lunch container that she was playing with in her kitchen playset. She said I could have it for her Swiper. This is just so perfect!  c",}

So I grabbed my honey wheat sandwich breads, peanut butter, Nutella, and banana.  Since my girl has no peanut allergies, we're quite flexible with ingredients. Besides this is what she requested so it has to be something that she likes.  I made 2 so we could have a picnic in the car before I drop her off to pre-K, and I go to my usual Tuesdays routine at my son's school. 

I didn't have enough time to execute my ingredients at hand. I made what is easy and quick to make it in time. So I cut a U-shape on the topside of the bread to create foxy ears, then generously spread the peanut butter. I made use of Nutella for Swiper's mask, sliced bananas for the eyeballs and a drop of Nutella for the pupil part of the eyes. A dash of nutella for the smiley coz I don't have time left to make his teeth.  And to finish up, I cut the banana halfway in an angle to make a foxy snout. Done!
She was just a bit sad coz it didn't resemble Keeley's. She said this one looked more like Rigby from The Regular Show. And she suggested that maybe we should get a Regular Show lunchbox so we could move him there...LOL!!!
Now I get it! I think mine looked more like a raccoon. What do you think?
I'm still happy coz at least it looked like someone they recognize. And it was a hit.
My son judged it as well, and asked if he could have an after school Rigby Snack. He can't wait to taste Rigby....LOL!!!  I rest my case.
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