May 7, 2012


I am so glad to have served something Mexican for Cinco de Mayo. A fellow preschool mom generously taught me how to make Tostadas when she learned that it's one of my daughter's favorite food in school.  After all, she's her daughter's BFF, as the girls termed it. SO I'd like to thank her first and foremost.

Here are our fillings: lettuce, tomatoes, refried soy beans (because our system can't tolerate pinto beans), green mangoes (which was eaten on the side coz I was craving for one). I also stir fried a 100% ground lean beef on garlic. Added a capful or more of cumin depending on how strong you'd like it to taste, and salt & pepper to taste. We made use of corn tortada shell, and cheddar cheese. We modified the ingredients as per kids' choice. I was told that the cheese should be a Colby Jack or Mexican Cheese. So the choice is actually yours.
We also added avocados and cilantro which made it really better and healthier. I almost forgot to take a picture. Glad there were leftovers for the pictures. The kids just started chowing as the serving plates were laid on the table. 
It's the first time for me to serve tostada at home. And it was an instant hit. My son even requested this for his school lunch. Yay! It must be really that good.  And we are really digging it!
How do you like your Tostadas? 
I'd love to hear them and learn from you.

I hope you had a pleasant Cinco de Mayo this year!
Happy Eating.


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