June 14, 2012

Water Play & Butterfly Picnic Lunch

Today is the last day of my daughter's preschool after their formal graduation rites last Friday. They had 2 extra non-academic school days for Father's Day Craft, water play and picnic lunch.  It was unusual you might think, but they had 2 TV shooting day in the middle of the school year that interrupted instructional school days.  So to make up for that, they extended 2 extra fun days this week: Tuesday and Thursday.
Ms. A brought in butterfly PB&J sandwich and mini oreos on the pink silicone cups and Super V Berry juice pouch. School is providing fruits and veggies that's why you're not seeing anything packed here.
I also baked and brought in some treats that I forgot to make on the night of their graduation. Ms A and I made mini Double Chocolate Brownies, 2/kid for 12 kids. It's what the preschoolers wished for so I gave in. Pretty fortunate here that none of them have food allergies, so there's nothing to worry about.
Here they are having a picnic lunch. All sharing their lunch stories to each other. Pretty amazing how they hold their lunches.  These kids have grown so much that I am just so confident to send her to the big school this Fall.
Water play was more like a swim day. And for the protection of the children, I chose not to post any pictures of those wonderful memories on my blog. I'd forward them to their respective parents instead, so they have memories to cherish for a lifetime.

It's formally the end of the school year. This would be the last day you'd see me packing lunches for my kids unless I'm participating on a blog hop.  I'll see you next Fall!

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