June 7, 2012

Last Day: Hotdogs & Berry Love

Last days are the toughest,
especially when you've made a lot of good friends throughout the year. 
It's very rare that playdates were held for kids to keep up with the friendship they've established. The following year doesn't even guarantee that you'd land in the same class.  In our school, top 5 performing kids per class go in the high performing class section, while the rest are shuffled randomly and distributed evenly among classrooms.
So this was the only day when they all said their goodbyes and hoped to be in the same classroom the following year. For their lunch hour, they got to sit free wherever with friends they want to eat with. My boy was so happy to eat with his friends. He had with him 4 rows of hotdogs (for 4th grade) with 3 cat forks (3rd grade over and done!), strawberry hearts and Annie Homegrown Organic Snack Mix.  Something the boys love to share around.
And this is the best award I ever got for myself this school year.
A Certificate of Appreciation for being a parent volunteer
for the entire school year, rain or shine.

Along with this, my boy sent home the highest grade ever, straight A's
and a citizenship award of A too.  No honor roll yet for the lower grade level.
It starts next year and hopefully he'd be a part of it.
Get ready 4th Grade.  Here we come!

Tomorrow will be my daughter's Pre-K Moving Up Program.
And we're all looking forward to that.
It's another special milestone to celebrate in our household. 

Have a safe and wonderful summer everyone!


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