June 6, 2012

Last 2 Days: Eggrolls & Pears

It's the last 2 days in school. And the kids can't wait till school is finally over.  My boy woke up a tad late today and didn't feel like going to school at all.  But he didn't want to miss the last week's fun events, so he went anyways.

 I packed one of his favorite meals, eggroll. It's home-made and it's my last batch of what I've made for the month. This is the time that I try to finish up what's left on my pantry/freezer (bento-related) just to make sure nothing would go to waste.  He also had roasted seaweeds, and pears which I took the time to cut it with one of my flower vegetable cutters. 
If you need recipe for my eggroll, you can find it here.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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