June 5, 2012

Picnic Lunch with K-Buddies

Today is Picnic Lunch with their Kindergartner Buddies.

Everyone gets to bring a sack lunch, not necessarily disposable, since they are eating on school grounds. I tried my best to pack hefty, just in case he would want to share it with his K-buddy. I also made it extra cute and easy to eat.  I sent crackers, pepperoni (his new favorite), cheddar & carrot florets, ranch on smidgets, and strawberry hearts with bear picks. I also stashed 2 sets of Super V CapriSun juice pouches, Danimals yogurt drinks, and pretzel snacks. One set to give out for his K-buddy.

School is over in 2 days, and we'd love to make it memorable for the kids.
I can't wait till the last day. It's time to plan for the summer.

Have a great Tuesday!

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