June 4, 2012

DIY Lunchable Pizza Meal

It's my children's final week in school.  Alas the end is here!
But I'll surely miss packing meals for them.  Have I told you that we eat differently at home? We eat rice with varied home-cooked Asian meals. The foods featured here are exclusively for school meals only. It's my way to make my school lunches even more appealing even if I have to pack repeats in consecutive weeks.
It was a long quest before I could find a way to send my son's favorite Lunchables meal in a healthier version. I wouldn't claim the bright idea coz it was from a fellow bento blogger, Cristi, of BentOn Better Lunches, who created a blog for Momables' This vs That Lunchbox Wars. I was given the chance to try out Momables,  and was thrilled to find that it was part of the week's menu.
I tried and tested it at home before I sent it to school.  I wanna make sure it's yummy and worth preparing. I was so happy to get double 2-thumbs up by my kiddos. They both agreed that it was way better than Lunchables because of its natural and fresh ingredients.

I so thank God for brilliant moms who find ways to duplicate a pre-packaged store bought lunches into healthier, fresher & yummier alternatives that doesn't sacrifice lunch appeal at all.

I know that Lunchables has come up with a newer lunch version that has fruit sides. But what would be better to feed our kids? Preserved or Fresh?  I hope we find time to pack extra love when we send our kids to school. This doesn't take any more than 10 minutes of our time to pack. We can actually do it the night before.  This summer I will be finding more ways to send healthier lunches for school by Fall, since I'll be having an incoming Kindergartner by then.

Check out their wonderful rates available at their website.

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Have a great Monday!


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