June 1, 2012

TGIF Bento Meals

It's the last Friday School Lunches! YAY!!
Now that the school is almost at the end, the kids are counting down till the last day.  And I'm surprised that my boy actually knew that today is his last Friday in school. That goes to say that I can now get my intended rest in the morning.
I prepared another round of garden fresh salad for him since he requested for it. He has romaine lettuce, carrot flowers, craisins, and ranch on the main compartment. The upper left compartment has shredded cheddar and organic pretzels on green silicon cups. The upper right compartment has blueberries and strawberries on blue silicon cups.
Then I was surprised to see my daughter prepared herself a snack at home.  Glad I caught it before it's all gone. This is the reason why I love pre-cutting fruits and veggies on the table where she could just grab and eat when she's hungry. She had corn tortilla chips, trail mix of raisins, nuts & dark and white chocolate chips, and heart-cut strawberries

I hope you'd have a nice weekend ahead!
Thanks for visiting me.
Happy Friday!


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