May 31, 2012

A Picnic & A Fieldtrip

My son had an HOB (Hooked On Books) Picnic today. It is exclusively for students who were able to complete a monthly goal of reading for at least 20 minutes each day throughout the year. We were sent a note that lunch for today is on the house. Yay! for them, but I was kinda worried what they'd be fed, and how much. My son has a huge appetite, and a slice of pizza isn't enough for him.
 As an assurance that he won't starve, I packed an emergency afternoon snack.
Turkey & Cheese Bagel with Lettuce, some strawberries & a muffin cup of blueberries.
He said school prepared a BBQ burger with apple and cheetos for lunch, 
and so he ate his packed fruits for his pm snack.
He came home with a happy tummy and a leftover turkey & cheese bagel,
which he consumed at home.

Simultaneously, my daughter had a fieldtrip at Chuck E Cheese. I'm glad to be an active parent volunteer as I was chosen to accompany them in all events and fieldtrips. I love it because I witness all of my kids' preschool memories, with lots of pictures on the side.  I know that the big school doesn't allow parents to chaperone anymore unless required.

As per school's instruction, eat a heavy breakfast, as there won't be mid-morning snacks served. So I prepared her a toast with Nutella and some watermelons, which she didn't finish so I have to pack it, in case her tummy grumbled before pizza time.
My only regret to this was I forgot to make use of my FunBite cutter
for a more appealing lunch.
True enough, she chomped on them while waiting for all the kids to arrive in school.  I was assigned to drive 4 kids to the site, including my little girl.

The preschoolers had a grand fun playing arcade all to themselves with friends. 
It was the best trip ever.

Below are the preschoolers with Chuck E.,
Ms. Claudia & Ms. Michelle.

Have a great Thursday!


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