July 12, 2012

Summer Mealtime: A Place to Bloom

Today we went to the library to loan more books to read for the week.  We choose books at random without any clue what kind of message the book brings. We give each book a chance to relay its message. I read aloud to them on a regular basis. So I don't worry much about that. I try to answer every questions they might have. Then I throw questions to them if they have none. We try to make it interactive for added fun. It's been our nighttime routine. Nobody goes to bed without reading a single book in a day.  Except for daddy, who patiently waits till it's time for prayers and bed. 

Last night we read the book, "A Place to Bloom" by Lorianne Siomades.  It's a little book with such big message. The message conveys to us that the world doesn't exist for us alone, but for all of God's creatures as well, large and small, people and animals.  The things that we take for granted may be precious to someone else, whether it's food on our tables, or the trees in the park.  We should learn to share whatever we have, even if it has to be our own place to bloom.  We especially love this book for its rhyme and lovely illustrations.  It helps readers think about others and the world around them.

There are so many things to consider when creating a lunch for this particular book. So I asked my girl what's her favorite part of the book. She said that it's when the little girl found a worn out bear that has been thrown away, brought it with her, and became her very best friend.  She loves bears so this is what I got for her breakfast.

PB&J heart-shaped sandwich for LOVE and a bear-shaped Nutella sandwich (SunButter for nut-free sandwiches) for sissy with a tummy load of heart strawberries for her bear. And added some Nori for the background for some treats. She's addicted to Nori. Told her she can't have Nori till the Bear and the heart are gone.
While Big G got a turkey breast with whipped mayo and honey mustard for breakfast.  Like his sissy, he got a tummy load of strawberries for his bear too.  He didn't want his bread to be shaped, so I stamped an "I LOVE YOU!" note on his bread instead. Thought he wouldn't notice, but he did. And he spelled out the words for me with a kiss. Sweet!
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed the message of the book.

Have a fun Thursday!!


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