July 13, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Dinosaurs

Today we learned about Dinosaurs. 

We didn't have much time to read last night due to my busy schedules.  However, they were able to pick out a book to read on their own before bedtime. Did I tell you yet, that I might start to teach phonics and reading to Kindergartners anytime this July, if all things push through. It's something that I've been formally doing for my children.  And something that I find accomplishments other than bento-ing.

To make up from last night, I brought out book this morning to read for them while they're eating breakfast.  I, of course, made them a dino breakfast to celebrate.

My little Sissy read aloud the book, "How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten" by Jane Yolen.  Then, gobbled away her Nutella dino sandwich to celebrate.  She passed on the plum and gave it to her brother instead.
And this is what my Big G got after I read aloud some excerpts from the book, "All About Dinosaurs". A piece of a honey-roasted ham Dino sandwich with plums on the side. I rolled up the cut leftover deli ham into a flower and added to his meal.  It's a way to do yourself a favor from eating all those leftover scraps from bento-ing. And mind you, they don't care at all. They ate it with pleasure.

Hope you're having a nice Friday.
Have a great weekend ahead!!


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