July 18, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Universal Studios

We were set to visit Universal Studios once again.  But this time we planned our trip better. We decided to pack our own lunches due to my dad's dietary restrictions.  He's diabetic. So we want to make sure that he's getting the right amount of protein against carbohydrates for a balanced meal.

We visited the Transformers Ride as early as 10am with very few people in line. The 2 hours wait on weekends were cut into 15 minutes wait for family riders, and 10 minutes wait for single riders.  Imagine that! We could actually take seconds for that amazing experience. It's our favorite amusement by far.
We also visited the Dino Play, which caters children up to 48" tall. Older siblings are welcome provided they don't play rough around toddlers and smaller children.
Then we had lunch. 

Tell you what.  People around us were pretty nosy about our lunches. I know eyes were on us, speculating why I was bringing out containers and containers of lunches.  Too bad my ELBs haven't arrived  yet. Or their eyes would pop.
 5 lunches with an extra pack of sandwiches for dad's snack, placed in a smaller container (below) to hold his chocolate bar and medicines. Chocolate bar is for emergency only such as when his blood sugar level dropped.
I packed homemade veggie burgers on whole wheat bun with spinach and lettuce on the side, and a variety of berries and grapes. I tried to make it look nice as possible.  But when I'm under the morning stress, I only do what's necessary. I keep them simple but neat. We also brought with us, water bottles, condiments of ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, and mayo. All in handy small containers. Next time I'll take a picture of it so you know how I packed it hassle-free.

Hope you're enjoying your week. It's only 31 more days till school starts.
Have an awesome Wednesday!!


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