July 10, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Seaside Bento

We had a seaside adventure one Saturday afternoon. Our cravings for shelled foods brought us to the Reondo Pier. Since new moon hit the 4th of July, we thought it would be the best time to eat some crabs at the pier this weekend. It's the time when the crabs could eat better, thus meatier catch for the fishermen. Lucky none of us have food allergies, so we hit the road without hesitations. I just have to pack lunches for the kids who were both not a huge fan of shelled foods.
I packed sliced crab-meatloaf with ketchup, carrot slices & Ranch, 
strawberry hearts and cherries.
Grandma's in charge of the rice and corn, so I skipped that.  
And that's part of their lunches.

For us, I packed brown rice, diced tomatoes and cilantro salad, soysauce and lemon dip. Then we bought huge meaty crabs, red snapper fillets, and clam chowder soup for everyone to share and enjoy.  It was a fulfilling meal that everyone had. 

After, we headed to the beach side for some water and sand play,
while the oldies relaxed and de-stress.

Have a wonderful day!


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