August 25, 2012

A Birthday & A Trip

August 11 marked the 9th birthday of my first born and only son.
We made a trip to San Francisco to bond with awesomely great family friends. He didn't have an elaborate and fancy celebration, but it was something he wished for in his 9th birthday.  That's to celebrate with his own friends, where they could play and enjoy each other all day long. And he got his wish with a trip.  They actually had the chance to sleep over in one room for 3 nights and 4 days before we actually moved to our next destination.  Guess what, we never heard of a single argument, which is very soothing to our ears of course. 
Happy Birthday, Mr G!!
Our first destination is San Francisco!
Of course we came to see the Golden Bridge & the National Parks once again for the children. Hub and I have been here several times, but the kids. We showed them several of its amazing sceneries around, such as; Alcatraz, Fort Point National Historic Site and the Palace of Fine Arts, where they had a great deal of fun and adventure.
We also visited the Lands End Sutro Baths, the Cathedral, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39
and The 6 Painted Ladies.
We brought the kids to the Carmel Mission Basilica in San Jose, CA.
Now that Mr G is officially a 4th grader, we thought of visiting Mission Churches.  I was told that they will be learning about the several mission churches across the country.  So we made sure that we don't miss one of our favorites.  Learning is best when you get to experience it first hand. 

Here's how it looks outside the Basilica.
We love it here then and now.  It has been 10 years ago that we came here, just before marriage.  And now that we have the fruit of our love, we came back to tour them around, and bond with some good relatives.  We try to make it a point that every travel is stress-free and memorable for the kids to cherish through our lifetime.
This is a late post but I hope you had a wonderful time touring with me as I reminisce our trip this summer.  Love it here as always!!
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