August 24, 2012

School Lunches: Vege-Chickburger & Eggrolls

TGIF! We made it thru the week. 

Missy A is still adjusting in school. She's having a terrible time eating faster to make it on time. Most of the time I'd see leftovers by dismissal time, that she'd finish in the car on our way home. Not that I asked her to, but because she was very hungry.  I'm trying to re-invent meals for her that would work. She's not a sandwich eater. I was thinking if I could ask my mommy friends to make our lunches similar, it might help her eat better and faster.

You might think that I give her so much food. Maybe and maybe not. But that's exactly how much she consumes at home.  What do you think? This is the time I need major help.
Missy A had eggrolls and apple slices for lunch on her Easy Lunchboxes.  She also had pretzels and peanut butter dip with juice pouch, and a yogurt drink (not in picture) for snack on a pencil box.  I figured it's the right box size to go in their snack bin, and easy for her to spot and for me to label. Gogurt fits in too so no problem getting another box for longer snack like it. 
Mr. G had Vege-Chickburger on honey wheat sandwich thins, mayo, pickle and fish-shaped cheeses.  Ketchup on the side with apple slices and carrot sticks on the side. He also had 2 bottles of yogurt drinks.  Extra bottle not in picture. All packed on Easy Lunchboxes.
I hope everyone had a good transition in school.
See you next week!
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