August 23, 2012

School Lunches: Hotdogs OR Corndogs

Today was a better day. I packed the night before for a smoother transition this morning and it worked perfectly well. Staging were done the night before too. And the hot foods were baked and cooked in the morning. So they taste just right by lunchtime.
Missy A has grapes, oranges and oven-baked hotdogs with ketchup for lunch.
 A frozen yogurt and juice pouch for her snack, just perfectly thawed by snack time.
  Mr. G has corndog instead, shelled edamame, grapes and oranges.  I also packed 2 bottles of yogurt drink for snack and lunch in case he needs more.
My hub has all of our dinner leftovers in his Easy Lunchboxes
Chinese Spicy Porkchop, Spring Rolls & Tofu.  
An apple and an orange fruit on the side for dessert.

All lunches are packed in our favorite Easy Lunchboxes.
Have a great Thursday!


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