August 22, 2012

School Lunches: Chicken on a Rush

Day 3 in school and lunch packing didn't go as smooth as the last couple of days. First of, I woke up pretty late to pack the "lunches."  Kids were fine. This is a good example of why it is important to plan and pack ahead of time.  Glad I've made and frozen chicken nuggets over the weekend to prepare for crazy days like today.  It was so easy to bake them, while preparing for breakfast.

But I must admit, I came in short with today's post. Bad pictures and no food picks.  Next time I shall never trust my camera phone again.  But I'm still glad I was able to pack their lunches, though not as pretty-looking as the others.  The kids were picky with the stuffs I'm throwing in their lunches. Plus hub is stressing me out with time. 
So this is just a last minute lunch, but still healthy.
My little girl had chicken nuggets with grapes for lunch.  
Mandarin oranges for a snack.  I honestly forgot my picks to make this bento look better.  All packed in her Princess little container.  Missy A is happy, and so I do.
Mr G had chicken nuggets too except he had pluots for his sides and a BBQ sauce.
All packed in our favorite container, Easy Lunchboxes.

I hope for a stress-free Wednesday to all!
Happy lunch-packing ♥


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