August 28, 2012

K-Bento: A Teaser

I am being challenged by Missy A. For some reason everything that I packed for her returned home half uneaten.  I was beginning to wonder what's wrong with my meals when she eats them perfectly well at home. So I volunteered again to watch her on lunchtime. And I found out that she's so busy talking with her BFF since pre-K. They both talk and laugh non-stop, but her BFF eats while she talks, and she doesn't.

I remembered one of you commented to pack lightly of a variety of food that she likes.  So I tried it today and I hope you wouldn't pre-judge me of the not-so-healthy food choices I've packed. This is what I call a teaser of everything that she likes and eat.  I would have to start from scratch and journalize everything that works.  Somehow a diligent planning needs to be done for this girl.
Chocolate Wafer Rolls, ww crackers and honey-roasted ham delis.
Grapes for her snack/dessert and a yogurt drink (not in picture).
I packed this actually to be interchangeable. They can either be eaten on snack or lunch time. Her call.  The amount of food is almost similar.  Just enough to fill her up in between classes and play.  I hope she'd enjoy them and would start eating better.  Of course, I added some of our bento accessories for an appealing meal.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Any suggestions, comments or helpful ideas are welcome.  Please jot them down on my comment forms.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
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