August 27, 2012

School Lunches: Cheesy Pizza Bagel

Missy A was feeling hungry today and requested for a cheesy bagel pizza.  She asked, I complied.  Anything that makes her eat in school.  And I made sure I give her only a tiny bit of the sides or that will fill her up if she decides to eat the treats ahead.
I know I've been packing a pretty hefty meal for her.  Just worried that it might not be enough for her especially when she hits a good appetite.  But I guess not in school. She's just way too distracted with friends around her.  Today she came back with 3 pizzas, all of the strawberries, and none of the goldfishes. 
But she did pretty good at snack time.  She finished her cookies and yogurt drink, which probably filled her up an hour & a half later for lunch.  So I think I should avoid sweets on recesses to give her more room for lunch.  Let's try again tomorrow.
As always, I never have any problems with Mr G.  He's a good eater of bento meals. He got the same lunch as his sissy except that he had dried blueberries and 1 more cheesy pizza than Missy A.
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