August 29, 2012

K-Bento: Turkey-Crackers-Jello

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My daughter loves grapes that she requested another round for her snack today. She loves them skewered on pretty food picks.  And I guess this has drawn so much of her attention to eat better in school.  Yesterday's packed school meal was a success.  And I figured she needs smaller bites of food for ease of eating.
Oven Roasted Turkey cut into pieces with the help of FUNBites CUBE IT,
Cheese Crackers and mini jellies.
I wouldn't call this lunch but this was packed purposely for school lunch.  Since she talks a lot, she needed small quantities in bite-size just to fill her up. Then she eats proper lunch at home with me.  I figured this would be less-stressful for her to eat as she talks. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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