August 30, 2012

School Lunches: Ocean Wonders

Today is my birthday so I thought of making a cute lunch theme for the kiddos.  The first time I made them octopuses and crabs was last summer and they were so sold to that idea.  If you haven't seen that yet, check it out here. So I got to repeat them this school year to serve hotdog lunches in so many ways.
Here's a lunch for Mr G: Hotdogs Octupuses and Crabs with
white Jasmine Rice, and Nori sheets, celery stick with Ranch, and pluots.
For Missy A: She got 3 pairs of Octopuses and Crabs on sticks,
with Goldfish crackers and lots of Nori. 
Cocktail of mini jellies "ala JellyFish" for her AM snack.
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