July 6, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Under The Sea

If you have been reading my blog, I'm sure that you already know that I have an incoming kindergartner who's quite picky with foods school lunches.  To be honest, I have been on the internet as much as I could to find the most adorable lunches I could that would work for my little girl to encourage her to eat in school.  I didn't have issues with her when she was in preschool because the preschool served healthy warm lunches. Thus, she eats what everyone's eating.   So this summer I have taken the opportunity that I could to practice several bento skills I need to learn for the following school year.

I made an under the sea breakfast today.
 Sissy had 3 fishes cut from 1 sandwich bread, 
and 2 octopuses (as Cute Foods for Kids call them).
I cut some Nori sheets for seaweeds background, which my kids love
to have in every meal.  I also found a good tutorial on how to make an octopus
out of hotdogs thru Cute Foods For Kids which can be found here.
Big G had 2 dolphins cut from 2 sandwich breads,
and 3 octopuses. With similar ingredients for the seaweed and background.
If you notice I lack eyes and mouth for the octopuses.  That's because we run out of big straws that can cut the right dimensions. Next time I'll show a better picture for you.
I even forgot to place hat picks for him since he was in a rush to dig into this.
But everyone's happy and didn't even notice what I did.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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