July 4, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Love That Star

Today is Independence Day. 

I made a special breakfast for my kiddos for a change.  Both of them got the same design and love, except for the filling.  He got Turkey and butter on his star sandwich, while she got her new favorite SunButter, courtesy of Keeley McGuire Blog. And both got strawberry hearts on their plate, and several more on the side (in case they want more), which they actually do most of the time.

It's surprising to have these kids eat like magic. I normally have issues on feeding them breakfast regularly this summer time.  I figured that if I present it in a different but fun way, they might buy the idea and start looking forward for breakfast each day.  And it worked! My son, who's so used with my lunch packing routine, actually misses it. Though he wanted it on his plate this time. My girl bought the idea of cute breakfast. Only she played with it first and eat it slowly as she gets to the end. 

Every child is different. And I'm determined to find what's best for them,
and what suits their needs.

Happy 4th  of July to all!


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