July 2, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Soft Taco & Burrito on Make-It Plates

Alas! I found time to make special lunches for the kiddos.  Usually we just have rice and something healthy on a piece of plate at home. But today we had small leftovers to finish, which my dad and I could manage to gobble all to ourselves. Hubby took some to work this morning. And I'm feeling quite lazy to cook. So I thought of a soft taco for the kiddos, since I have all ingredients on hand, and it's pretty easy to prepare it.
Big G have 2 warmed flour tortillas on his Makit Plate
lightly toasted green bellpeppers, seasoned ground meat, shredded cheddar,
diced tomatoes & refried black beans.
Sissy didn't like cheese at all and can't get a good grip of the soft taco shell.
We turned her lunch into a burrito instead for an easier grasp. 
She had refried black beans and seasoned meat burrito on her Makit plate.

Of course, I would like to specially thank Sarah of Bentoriffic
for providing me the tools, to make my lunches extra appealing for the kids.
I must admit, it helped on days when they are quite picky.
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