June 29, 2012

Patriotic Blog Hop: 4th of July

My fellow Bento Bloggers and Friends
 are doing another hop today 
to commemorate Patriotic Day.

Independence Day in the US.

 I have incorporated Asian cuisine to make an American flag,
since we are Asians living in the US, with Asian cultures and traditions.

I have prepared steamed Chinese sausages (RED) served over WHITE Jasmine steamed rice to form part of the US Flag. I made use of a BLUE silicone cup to hold the carrot stars to represent the 50 states of the US. Then I planted the flag of the USA on the carrot stars. On the side, I have cherries that held the fireworks,
and Hello Panda Choco Biscuits, as treats.
Making creative healthy lunches is not easy. But it's all worth the effort.
My motto in life is always, "Anything is possible for my children."
And, I try to incorporate healthy food choices at all times,
whenever I could.

It's been a family tradition to watch fireworks on the night of the 4th;
whether on the beach, at the park, or on school grounds.
It's amazing how my kiddos would enjoy them one after another.
Now let's push the button above to see what
Rina of Bento School Lunches is up to.
Remember to continue hopping till you get back to me.

Note: Bento Tools courtesy of Bentoriffic. Thank you for your utmost generosity and thoughtfulness. 

Here are the tools that I used:

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