June 27, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Home-made Happy Meals

I must admit that summer isn't much lunch packing since the kids aren't quite keen on eating bento at home. Plus dad is quite amused whenever I serve meals on bento boxes. What else for hubby? These men in my life think I'm nuts. So, I try to serve it for my kids as snacks instead, when we're home, since they enjoy bento foods even better.

Today's breakfast was inspired by Mc Donalds' Happy Meals &
Lunchables Chicken Nuggets Meal.
I have prepared home-made chicken nuggets, courtesy of Momables, BBQ sauce and fruits as sides. Ms A had a starfish pick on apple slices, while Mr G had an Octopus pick on watermelon cubes. 
I must admit my kids could tell a healthier meal from not. And they devoured this like lightning flash. It was even compared to Lunchables' nugget meals.  And this was a sure winner and have added it as one of our Fall menus.

I have to thank Momables for the Nuggets Recipe, which is very easy to make,
and takes about less than 10 minutes to prepare & pack after it has been baked.
If you're looking for the recipe, check it out here.

Also, this might be a good time to take advantage of their dinners and lunches,
specially planned for you on a weekly basis if you subscribe over at MOMables
for as low as $5/month only.

Here's how it works on Summer Time and Holidays:
Between July 1st and August 14th we send you 3 large family friendly meals, a snack and a desert recipe for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve found that between activity-filled summers, trips to the pool, camps, and the grandparents… it’s at dinnertime when parents need help!  Our quick summertime recipes yield leftovers… and are perfect for quick lunches! Once again, we never forget the photo of what your food will look like, nor the very helpful shopping list! 
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