June 26, 2012

Recipe: Chicken Curry

Now that school is off, I have put my bento preps on hold as well till the next hop or trips or school year -- whichever comes first.  But I miss blogging so I thought of building my menus on this site to share.

Chicken curry is one of our favorites as well that I don't make as much.  It took me time to perfect this dish. I just couldn't find the right curry powder and the right amount that we could tolerate.  They're either too strong or just doesn't taste right. Somehow, my local Asian Grocer doesn't sell the curry powder I use back home.  And I'm just not so keen on trying out so many curry powders without recommendations from trusted friends. Now that I found what we ♥, I'm ready to share them to you. I hope you'd enjoy them as much as we did.

Here are the simple ingredients I used:
1 of each red and green bell peppers, 3-4 small red potatoes, 1.5 lb chicken legs
or whole chicken whichever you prefer, 1 can coconut milk, 1 scoop curry powder,
and a generous squeeze of Fish sauce.

How to make:
On a medium pot, saute ginger and garlic.
Then add chicken legs with a scoop of Vietnamese curry powder.
Add a generous amount of Fish sauce, about 2 Tbspn or add as desired.
Add half can of the coconut milk.
Stir as you bring it to boil, so the milk won't burn at the bottom of the pot.
Then simmer under low fire for 20 minutes.
On a separate non-stick skillet/stove top grill, brush/spray cooking oil.
Then add potatoes to grill or stir fry till slightly toasted on the outside.
Do the same with the peppers.
Add them to the pot of simmering chicken.
Add the remaining coconut milk. Stir till it boils.
Cover and continue to simmer under low fire/heat till chicken & potatoes are cooked.
Serve warm with rice. We love them best with steamed white jasmine rice 
because it doesn't mask the richness and the creaminess of its coconut milk.

Note: You can always add more veggies as you wish. Carrots and celeries would taste nicely on this dish as well. My kids are just not keen on eating them cooked. 
They ♥ them fresh.

Happy healthy eating, everyone!


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