August 20, 2012

School Lunches: Sushi in a Row

Today is the first day of my children in school. I have to admit that my nerves are attacking once again. I tend to be hyper at things when the pressure is on. I woke up pretty late so everything was on a rush, but the kids.  They're always perfectly calm and just go with the flow with their mother..haha!!

Surprisingly, they did great in the morning. I guess it was the excitement that brought them back to school days routine. They ate their breakfast, brush their teeth and put on their clothes all by themselves. Dad helped a bit of course, while I'm busy packing all the goodies for school and snapping photos for today's post.
By special request, Missy A is having sushi rolls, watermelon and pretzels for lunch.  She also have Cheeze It for snack and a juice pouch. I made sure she has a bottle of water to beat the summer heat. Oh well, whatever you call it.
Here's her lunchbag all packed and ready for today.
Mr. G is having sushi as well for lunch, with watermelon and carrots instead of pretzels. Just like Missy A, he's having the same snack and juice pouch and a big water bottle to beat the summer heat. All lunches are packed in our favorite container, Easy Lunchboxes.

I hope each one would have a good start in school this year.  
Happy 1st to all!!


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