August 15, 2012

Summer Mealtime: FunBites Lunch {K-Bento}

I got my Cube It FunBites Cutter in the mail last week after my initial request.  I have to admit that I've been itching to try it out since the time I laid eyes on it.  I just knew it's the perfect cutter when on my morning rush to school and work.

I have a Luv It cutter too that graced my kitchen for months. My kids can't get enough of cutting just before eating. They're perfect for bite-size pieces. I love using it on sandwiches, melons, mangoes, cheeses, hams, pancakes, etc.  They look great on skewers or even when just left alone. The possibilities are endless.  Just be creative.
 Today I have made cream cheese sandwiches for Mr. G, watermelons,
and strawberries.
While my little girl had Nutella and Peanut Butter sandwiches, 
with watermelons and strawberries.  

Both snacks were prepared with the help of a Cube It in under 10 minutes.  
That includes photographing the meal for this post. Imagine that! FunBites are not only durable food cutters, but are reliable time saver as well.

Watch out for my FunBites giveaway as part of my Back to School Event.
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I hope you enjoyed this post.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.  School starts by Monday.


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