September 19, 2012

Ahoy, Matey! ~ Talk Like A Pirate Lunch Hop

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day
Bento Booty Treasure Hunt
at Bento Bloggers & Friends.
Listen up, mateys! 

If ye wants to sail with me, 
then ye've gots to prove 
ye gots what it takes! 
Ye needs a peg leg, and an ol' eye patch
a fierce-lookin' hook and a beard ye can scratch
Ye gots to load a cannon and know how to fire it, 
But most of all, ye gots to talk like a pirate!

Ye gots to love treasure, ey? Why, it's your duty
To plunder ship and shore for gleamin' booty!

Every blogger Buccaneer in this hop has a piece o' th' loot map. Ye job be t' COLLECT each piece 'n put them in starb'rd order t' find th' loot! Thar are 39 scurvy pirates runnin' wit' 39 pieces o' th' map t' collect! 37 pieces will guide ye through t' th' hidden loot. This will spell out th' URL location o' th' loot. Thar are 2 bonus pieces wit' th' secret passwords t' get 2 chances t' win some pirate booty!

Here's me piece o' th' map
Let's find th' next piece by pushin' th' button below, that shall teleport ye o'er t' Crazy? Maybe! 'ave Fun!
Crazy? ...Maybe!
Goodluck, Matey!!
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