September 20, 2012

School Lunches: Chicken and Cheese Taquitos

Mr G has been curious about so many different cuisines now. And he's palate is sure ready for some spices other than what we normally use at home. As much as he's not into burritos and tacos for school, he asked for Taquitos instead. He said they're less messier and they're easier to eat. Since I don't make Taquitos at home, Hub bought one in store to have him try it first before we jump into home-made Taquitos.  And he loved it.
For school, he had Chicken and Cheese Taquitos, salsa were left out. He had a salad medley too with celery sticks and Ranch on the mini dippers, and slices of oranges.  All packed in his favorite Easy Lunchboxes.

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