September 21, 2012

School Lunches: Sushi-dogs

If there's any food that you'd see me pack over and over, that would be the sushi because they are our favorite staple in our household.  I am learning new sushi stuffs that I am sending for school as well. I just need to find the ingredients and learn how to make them.

For today's lunch, the kids have been chanting for sushis. So I made them sushi-dogs.
Missy A had them with oranges for lunch and that trainer chopsticks that she's been toying around with foods. I have no doubt that she'd be a pro in no time.  I guess since both mom and dad are pro chopsticks, it makes learning faster.
 This bento box comes with a different kind of chopsticks, but would have to replace it with the trainer once just so she gets the hang of it.  When she's all better, she could bring the regular chopsticks with her.
 A few slices of oranges for her snack to keep her hydrated on
warmer days.  They're reach in Vitamin C and are anti-oxidants, which are best
to fight the common illnesses associated with warmer climates.
Mr. G had a similar lunch except that his is heftier. I packed him a garden of spinach salad & carrots with Ranch on the Mini Dipper. Like Missy A, he got some oranges and kiwis in his Easy Lunchboxes

He had a little accident in school today. He was running and hit another boy in the playground, brow to brow. They both got swollen brows after and ended up crying. Glad the other boy was okay. He wasn't in the school clinic when I came, but the nurse assured me that he was all better after an ice pack. 

So far our school week went pretty well.
I hope you had a wonderful one too.


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