September 24, 2012

School Lunches: Gyoza

Today's lunch is Yaki-Gyoza (AKA: potstickers)

It is originally a Chinese cuisine that became popular across. It was traditionally known as Jiaozi(鍋貼) , potstickers in North America, and Yaki-Gyoza in Japan, and Gyoza in our household.  They're pan-fried and we served them with black vinegar.

Missy A had asked for gyoza since last week, but I only had the chance to make them this week.  It's been busy like crazy. I was off from teaching for a week, and when I got back, I have to make up for the missed classes, and have given my students an extra half hour each day for 2 weeks. Just enough time to catch up on Reading and Phonics.
So my little Missy finally got her wish today with black vinegar on the Mini Dippers.
She had an Oreo treat and raisin grapes on the side.
Watermelon kebabs on those monkey long picks that should keep her hydrated on mid-morning breaks as she plays in the playground under the heat of the sun.
Mr G had a similar lunch on his Easy Lunchboxes.
Today he brought his trainer chopsticks as he learns to use them till he trains his fingers to grasp them properly and transition to the standard chopsticks.  I must say this has been one of my best purchases ever.  They're very easy to use and tips are wide enough to pick up food.  It's a frustration-free chopsticks ever.

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