September 13, 2012

K-Bento: F is for Fishes & Flamingoes, G is for Garden

Missy A has been learning her alphabets in kindergarten. I was supposed to send lunches to school according to letter of the day. But lo and behold, mommy can't keep up.  And there are days that lesson of the day just won't fit in our pantry supplies.  I must admit, I'm poor in planning. And impromptu bento seems to work better for me.  So for today, she had black grapes on Flamingo picks for F, and a Garden of turkey deli with garden picks for G.  Then I also added her favorite Goldfishes to go with her deli, which coincidentally stands for F and G as well.
For her snack, she brought Gogurt and chocolate chip cookies, which I never get the chance to take pictures of.  BTW, she has gotten better eating her daily snacks and lunches in school. She finally found friends to eat with everyday.

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