September 3, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Easy Lunchboxes

As all of you know, last August 31st, my blog turned a year old! YAY!! I made it. And I'm glad to have you around as I turned ONE. For all those who missed out on my first year giveaway, I am hosting a Post-Anniversary and a Back To School Giveaway as a token of my gratitude and appreciation of all of YOU.  But that's not all, I am hosting a BACK to BACK Back To School Event for the whole month of September. So stay tuned!

I've been in search of an awesome giveaway for months. I wanted a product that I truly trust and love.  I wanted something that is closely related to my blog, and something that I have used for my lunch packing routine.

Tell you what, I came across Easy Lunchboxes and its ingenious owner, who happily accommodated my request. Not only that, but she also gave me a pack to try out and experience the awesomeness of her product before I even recommend them to you.  Oh boy, She's right. I absolutely love My ELB!!  Not only me, but my whole family & friends as well.  We even used it at home.  And it's absolutely durable and far above its competitors. Thanks to Kelly Lester, the owner, creator, and mom behind Easy Lunchboxes for making the impossible possible.
First of, it is kid-friendly.  The multi-colored lids are easy to open. They come in 4 different colors (BLUE, RED, GREEN and ORANGE) per pack, which makes it so easy to color-code each family member.  They know which is for whom when taking their lunches out from the fridge, or from the picnic baskets when eating out.
Fish Cake & Salad
I am especially delighted by the flexibility it has given me. Its tri-compartments ensure that foods don't touch. No more messy, scrambled meals.
They are BPA-Free, FDA-Approved and Food Safe. The containers are microwave-safe, freezer-friendly, and dishwasher-safe. What's best? They nest on each other when not in use. It comes with a collapsible cooler that can be machine washed, and can be folded for storage.
But you have to know that this is not leak-proof. Something that's easy to fix. I make use of Glad Press and Seal, which I do with other systems as well. I believe none of the other lunch boxes are 100% leak-proof. Somehow, the runny foods, like fruits, yogurts, and sauces will seep in other compartments when not transported in a right way.  And if they were leak-proof, it might not be kid-friendly, which means lids are not easy to open. They have to customize the lid to be rigid and vacuumed sealed to its container. I know that some friends have been successful using wax paper to seal the compartment with runny foods.
But with their newest baby, the Mini Dippers, you will be rest assured that there will be no more leaks on the ELB System. They are leak-proof but still easy to open by our littlest packers.  They are perfect for sauces, dips and yogurts. They fit right in the Easy Lunchboxes' large compartment.

Since you are such a wonderful reader, I would like to thank you by giving away a pack of 4 Easy Lunchboxes system with a cooler bag (color of your choice). Valued up to $21.90.

*Disclaimer: I was provided with the above mentioned lunchboxes and cooler bag to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received and the opinions expressed are solely my own. All pictures of the Easy Lunchbox System belong to them.*
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