September 4, 2012

School Lunches: Pancakes & Flippers

Today Missy A had requested pancakes (cubed with the use of FunBites Cube It) with maple syrup for lunch along with strawberries and some goldfish for side treats. She also had Rice Krispies for a yummy mid-morning snack. Guess what? This is actually working out just fine. She came home with a clean lunchbox and a content tummy.  No headaches. and just ready for a proper lunch with me.
Mr G isn't so picky about lunch anymore. He has gotten better over the years of bringing home-packed meals. I thought this would be the time to add a little bit of appeal on his lunch, but not too cute for him to back-off. Last Summer I had the chance to hoard sandwich cutters, picks and muffin silicone cups from my BBF buddies.  So thanks to them who went out of their way to get things from their nearby cake/bento shops for all of us who have no decent access to such.
For his lunch, I made use of Flipperbytes sandwich cutter. He had Ham Sandwich with a cheddar cheese on top.  He also had sweet snap peas and mandarin oranges.  All packed in our favorite Easy Lunchboxes. He seem to be happy with this lunch, only he lost time finishing all of it. I guess he was pretty distracted of all the wonderful colors of Goldfish surrounding his flippers.
Easy Lunchboxes are currently out of stock, but you can still place your order and will be delivered as soon as they're stocked up by mid-September.  Or you may enter for a chance to win your very own over here.  In case, you haven't known yet, I'm holding a giveaway which will end by September 16. 
Have a good Tuesday!
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