September 26, 2012

School Lunches: Spring Rolls & Onigiri

This would be one of my numerous take on onigiris. Onigiris, originated from Japan, are rice formed into balls. It's the best way to eat rice in school with the use of chopsticks.  If cooked right, it remains sticky, and will never crumbled even when you bite on it. I made it with furikake this time. Furikake seasons the rice which makes it yummy to eat even by itself.  There are store bought Furikake in Asian grocer, but you might want to consider making your own so you can eradicate unhealthy preservatives on your child's food, if you plan to consume it on a regular basis.
For his main entree`,
he has onigiri and spring rolls on a few Nori sheets.
Mandarin oranges and gold fishes for dessert.
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