September 25, 2012

K-Bento: Butterflies and Penguins Aboard

Missy A hardly eat a sandwich if they weren't cut into bite-sized pieces. And it took me a while to find all of my mini cutters to cut them into shapes that's highly appealing to kindergartners. Now that I found them, you'd be seeing more adorable shaped sandwiches each day she brings them to school. I'm also collecting more shaped silicone cups to hold side dishes and treats and keep the foods separated from each other. It certainly adds appeal to all of our packed school lunches.
Today's lunch is White Chocolate PB and Nutella Butterfly sandwiches on Nori sheets.
Goldfishes on the white penguin cup, and raisins on the blue penguin cup.
For mid-morning snack, she has a chocolate pudding and a fruit juice pouch.

Happy lunch-packing everyone!

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