September 25, 2012

School Lunches: Sushi Rolls with Furikake

It's nice to meet new people who teaches me new ideas for lunch. It's also great to be able to volunteer in school on lunch time since I get to move around and peek on each one's lunches.  Each time I see something interesting, I'd ask what they're having for lunch. I turn to Google and check what they are. If they are a certain cuisine that's pretty tricky to make, I sought for my friends' help, which they never fail to teach me the easiest way to make it health-wise.
Today's lunch is sushi rolls with Furikake. Furikake is a Japanese rice seasoning that consists of sesame seeds, roasted seaweeds and dried bonito mix. A Japanese friend taught me how to use it. I was told to sprinkle sparingly since this gives the rice a palatable salty flavoring. Anything too much might make it too salty.  It actually depends on the mix you're using. I'm slowly introducing Mr G into it and see how he liked it. So far, he has given me a thumbs up.
On top left is shelled edamame, and on top right is his favorite treat GoldFishes.

Hope you're having a great lunch ahead!
Happy eating!!

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