October 1, 2012

School Lunches: Panda Bears and a Kitty Ravioli Meal

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a new cutter by CuteZCute.  It's one of the cutters that I've been wanting to own.  It's a cutter and a stamper in one. You can use them on breads, cheeses, hams, fruits, tortillas etc.  They cut very clean and are kid-friendly.  The set comes in 4 faces, a frame and a pick to gently push out small & intricate designs off the cutter.  It has a panda, a kitty, a frog and a pig. 

Mr G had cheese ravioli for school today with 2 panda cut-out ham toppings.  He also brought in his favorite D'anjou pears cut into cubes and triangles. Edamame for his veggie side. All packed on our Easy Lunchboxes.
This is the impressive & wonderful kit responsible for my lunch creation for today.  It brings out the best in every simple meal.  Don't you agree? 
Missy A had a similar lunch except that she got a kitty-shaped ham topping on her cheese raviolis, grapes and strawberry hearts on her Hello Kitty bento box.

Tools used for today's post:

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