October 2, 2012

School Lunches: Piggy Chia Pockets

If you have been following my blog, you already know that I was given the opportunity to try out CuteZCute newest baby. Yesterday's lunch featured the bears and the kitty lunches. If you haven't seen it, check it out here. Today's school lunch is courtesy of CuteZCute cutters again. This time on Chia Pockets. 

It's school's picnic lunch today.  This is a fun event that helps promote school camaraderie among students. Everyone from TK-6 sits on a tarp covered ground, all gathered together with the teachers and the principal eating and chatting together. It was my first time to witness this event since Mr. G started 1st grade in this school. Now that he's in 4th grade and Missy A in K, I have all the time to sit back and enjoy this moment of their school age years.

Since it's picnic day, I decided to pack ham and pig-shaped cheese chia pockets. I have discovered  Chia Pockets over at Costco while the kids were taste-testing stuffs. They loved it and we bought it for them.  It's a different kind of flat bread that doesn't crumble and has a longer shelf-life. Mr. G's side are dried cranberries and strawberry hearts.
 Missy A had a similar lunch only lesser in portion size. She had a pig-shaped turkey on her chia pockets and honey roasted ham filling.  No cheese for this girl if you'd want her to eat. She had raisins rather than cranberries. And strawberry hearts to complete her meal. Both lunches were packed on our favorite containers, Easy Lunchboxes.

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