October 3, 2012

School Lunches: Momables Chix Nuggets

Today the kids didn't like anything but their favorite crispy chix nuggets that I have learned to make thru Momables. If you're looking for the recipe, it can be found here. I'm not just so keen on making them with shapes because I always make them faster when just molding with my hands.  You just have to be generous enough with the breadcrumbs for the success of making them crispy and crunchy. We bake them for extra healthy options. Kids don't like them fried anyway.

I would say this is the best option for us when I'm out of inventories or just out of time to pack lunches. I prepare them ahead of time and freeze to stock. I just take a few pieces each time a day, like now, calls for it.  It's easy especially now that I have the perfect container to divide each food item on their own compartment.  Love the special touch of the mini dippers as well because it holds the BBQ sauce perfectly in place.
All I need to do is add another healthy treat which is a fruit/veggie, and one most requested treat, which is roasted seaweeds for today. You must have seen it a regular in my bento lunches. It's something that they look forward to each time they open their lunchboxes.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Happy lunch-making everyone!!

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