October 10, 2012

School Lunches: Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables

Mr G had been playing favorites recently and has requested his most favorite school lunch ever. You guessed that right! It's the Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables.  We made use chia pockets this time instead of the whole wheat sandwich thins. I have been sending the chia pockets to school lately because of its great taste than the sandwich thins. It makes a better crust for the DIY-Pizza meal.  All I did was toast it in a toaster oven. Crisp enough to be crunchy soft by lunchtime.  And the texture is very similar to hand-tossed pizza crusts.

I must agree that I have sent this lunch so many time already but it wasn't as pretty as this one.  I love it the way it was presented on an Easy Lunchboxes especially on those mini dippers.  Marinara sauce and cheddar cheese were well-contained, no-drip, mess-free. It was like sent in factory sealed containers, except they're reusable and food-safe.  I also heated the pepperoni on a microwave before I sent them to school. Then gave him celery sticks with peanut butter dip on green condiment cup, and ranch on blue condiment cup for a choice of dips.
Here's how the lunch would look when the mini dippers are tightly closed, yet easy to open. He also had mandarin oranges, not pictures, on the side for his fruit serving. This is the first time in history I sent DIY pizza lunchables worry-free with no additional cello press and seal so they stay in their containers.

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